natilia skincare

Our story

For many years I’d had a constant struggle with my dry, sensitive skin. I’d tried every cream and lotion imaginable, ranging from value-for-money to outrageously expensive, conventional as well as organic and natural skincare. All had very little effect, with my skin almost constantly feeling rough, tight and uncomfortable.

Through speaking to family and friends, I knew that I wasn’t alone. So I decided to create a skincare range which would finally give dry, sensitive skin the gentle and effective care it needed. From the outset, I was determined to use only the purest, organic and natural source ingredients.

The journey begins

My work as an English teacher didn’t exactly lend itself to creating a skincare range, so I retrained in cosmetic science to gain the knowledge I needed. I was awarded my diploma in 2009 and immediately began work on my creams. Our rich moisturising cream was one of my first creations – and still today it’s our customers’ favourite product.

Natilia begins to take shape

I then spent many months doing in-depth research and picking the brains of a myriad of professionals in the business. I became very aware of how the choices we make in our daily lives can have direct and indirect impacts on other people and the environment. Treating our environment with care and consideration is part of the organic ethos, so how does sourcing raw materials from half way round the world, and the subsequent environmental footprint, fit in with this?

The bigger picture

It became clear to me that we needed to look far beyond the usual ideas associated with natural and organic skincare. Our approach is to look at the much bigger picture and always ask ourselves: What are the wider consequences of any decision we make?

Introducing natilia

We researched our ingredients and their origin in great depth to determine not only what the many different skin benefits were, but the environmental benefits too. After five years of research we were thrilled to be able to present our luxurious collection of holistic, natural skincare treats.

Each of our formulations has been dermatologically tested and passed with flying colours - even individuals with eczema and allergy showed no skin reaction whatsoever. Our natural, allergen-free fragrance has been warmly praised - a perfect mix of plant extracts, blended to create a soft, delicate scent.

Our journey was often quite bumpy, but it was worth it. We are really proud to have created a range of skincare products which nourish and gently soothe dry, sensitive skin - and we hope you love using them as much as we do.

Deborah Smith, founder

natilia skincare