natilia skincare

Customer Comments

We really appreciate receiving your valuable feedback and hearing how much you love using our products. We know that customers find it useful to read what others have to say, so we’d like to say a very big thank-you to all of our wonderful customers who have taken a moment to share their thoughts. Here’s a selection of what you’ve been saying about us:


creamy cleanser

wonderful soothing cleanser

"Over the last few years my skin has become dry, with red, flaky, itchy patches on my forehead. All the other cleansers I tried stung my skin and did nothing to improve the red patches on my forehead.
This gorgeous cleanser is very creamy, smells wonderful and glides over the skin. The blotches on my forehead didn't sting but felt soothed and just a couple of days later my skin tone was improving, the redness had gone as had the itching and flaking.
Now my skin, including my forehead, is soft, supple and problem free."
Caroline H.

so creamy and gentle
"This is such a lovely product, wonderfully creamy and so gentle. My skin felt amazing afterwards, perfectly clean and really soft and smooth." Anna T.



floral tonic

gorgeous floral scent

"This toner is the simply best I've ever used. Its lovely, delicate pink colour and soft floral scent are just divine. It feels like it has real substance and goes over the skin very smoothly. My skin feels really clean and soft without the tight feeling I've had using other brands." Irene B.

perfect for sensitive skin

"I absolutely love this tonic! It smells fantastic, a delicious floral scent. I’ve got really sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about what I use. I didn’t need to worry though – this lovely tonic is perfect for my skin." Elena F.


rich moisturising cream

a moisturiser for life

"The first time I used natilia moisturiser I immediately knew that this cream was for me. The rich, silky texture is beautiful on the skin and I only need the one application. My skin feels soft and supple and I’ve noticed that my skin tone is more even, too.
I wouldn’t use anything else now - I've finally found a moisturiser for life."

my absolute must-have
"Having very dry, difficult skin, it's always been a problem to find a moisturiser that suits me. I’ve been using this fabulous moisturiser for a while now and it really is an absolute must-have. It absorbs in an instant and is deeply moisturising. It’s even gentle enough to use round the eye area too and doesn’t make my eyes water like other creams I’ve used." Eva


intense moisturising cream

amazing cream for parched skin

"What a great product! I’ve got terribly dry skin and started using this cream earlier this year when a friend gave me a jar for my birthday. I really have to say I’ve never used such an amazing cream. It’s so rich and soothing that my face feels like it’s having a lovely treat each time I use it. I use it mainly as a night time moisturiser and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so lovely and soft." Hannah L.


hand cream

really moisturising and smells gorgeous
"I’m a nurse and so I have to wash my hands a lot during the day. The alcohol in the handwash is very drying, so my hands really suffer, feeling parched and very sore.
This wonderful handcream not only smells gorgeous, but is so effective, really moisturising and soothing. And you only need a small amount, so the tube lasts for ages."

healed painful cracked skin
"My wife uses your handcream and she persuaded me to try it when I mentioned how dry and sore my hands had become, with painful, cracked skin on my fingers. Since I’ve been using this cream – little and often – my hands have completely healed. I wouldn't have used it if it had had a strong smell and thankfully it doesn't." Peter W.

great for gardening hands
"Absolutely lovely hand cream with a wonderful rich texture. And you only need a small amount to achieve smooth, supple hands. Great for reviving gardening and dog hands!" Mia


body cream

no more cracked skin!

"My poor legs get chapped and dry through walking my dog on the beach every day and even got to the point where the skin was beginning to crack. But this fabulous body cream has totally transformed the skin on my legs. Even after the first use, my skin improved and stayed soft between applications. Now, after using the cream for a few weeks, my legs are very smooth and my skin has healed." Johanna S.

great for allergy-prone skin

"I’m quite nervous about using any product for the first time as I’m allergic to a lot of ingredients in skin care and everyday products, but I was very pleased and relieved to find that not only did my skin NOT react badly but it was soothed and softened.
Brilliant body cream!"

wonderful nourishing body cream
"I wear trousers all the time and tend to neglect my legs – out of sight, out of mind! But my skin got extremely dry, flaky and itchy, so I started using your body cream. It really is the most fabulous product - it sinks into the skin beautifully, leaves skin feeling nourished and silky smooth, and has a lovely, subtle fruity scent. Just marvellous!" Ruth B.


organic cotton cloth

gentle exfoliating action

"I really like the gentle exfoliating action of the soft cotton cloth, which is much better for my sensitive skin than the usual thin, scratchy muslin clothes." Barbara C.